Musician, Kofi B, is in Police custody, we can tell you.

We are also able to tell you that the highlife musician is currently at the Central Police Station in the Central Business District. sources at the facility tell us he was invited there over a compliant made byCarlos Sakyo, lead-head of the music rights protection body, GHAMRO.

The latter is said to have told the Police that Kofi B has threatened him on radio hence the arrest.

The lawyer of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Joseph Konadu, is trying to secure a bail for him. He’s been at the station since 1pm. The Police went to his house at 11am today to effect arrest but met his absence. His wife later called to inform him.

His arrest comes as a rather interesting twist after he had told Accra-based NEAT FM he had received several death threats over his hard stance on GHAMRO, and on the issue of royalties.

“Did you see how Fennec was killed and I said yes and he said then I should stop talking about GHAMRO issues and Carlos Sakyi. He asked how many songs or how many albums do I have to be talking like that and he warned me that if I don’t stop talking I will die like how Fennec died,” a purported text message to him read.

He’s challenged the general handing of GHAMRO, insisting the office has done very little in the collection of their royalties.

“They should resign from that position or else we would beat them but of course they need to account for every pesewa before they resign. You can’t sit in the offices and allocate any amount of money for yourselves as allowances. When was the last time Carlos Sekyi and his people released musical materials? You sit there and eat from our sweat,” he’s said.

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