He went on national television, and boldly told the whole world he was a Nobel Prize Laureate. Somehow, the hardworking journalists at the state broadcaster, GTV, believed him.

And oh, the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, also took him serious; went on their Youtube page, and posted the video as BREAKING NEWS.

As if that wasn’t enough, they added the note below.

BREAKING NEWS: Government of Ghana Celebrates the NASA Scientist, Fauster Atta Mensah, The Nobel Prize Laureate for health robot invention to enable stroke Patients.

Fauster Atta Mensah is the most youngest Ghanaian Hereo and Genius, for his great outstanding Achievement and Inventions. An Exclusive interview on Computer Science and Mathematics at the Ghana Television GBC24 in Accra.

Ghana is Blessed with the 4th Ghanaian Scientist at NASA. After Dr. Ave Kludze, the Rocket Scientist at NASA, followed by Dr. Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu the Robotics Engineer and Prof. Francis Allotey who calculated space to earth, Fauster Atta Mensah is became the 4th Ghanaian and the youngest African Scientist to go to NASA and the 2nd Ghanaian to won the Nobel Prize Award after that of Kofi Annan in 2001.

Fauster is the current Chairman of African Computer Society (ACS), formally called the African Computer Scientists Association (ACSA).

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