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Who is Dzyadzorm, and what is the meaning of your name?

Dzyadzorm is an Ewe name meaning “I’m Happy”. I am a contemporary spoken word artist     rather than a poet like to think of myself as a thought projector

Why the change of name from Butterflae Medie to Dzyadzorm?

I never intended to start out with the name Butterflae. It just happened to be the name everyone was familiar with from my social media accounts. My real name is Vanessa, which I found out is a Greek name meaning Butterfly. It’s only spelt differently because at the time, it was the only way Facebook would accept the name.

I don’t like being called Butterflae ,I cringe every time and I know for sure I don’t want to be 35 years and called as such. I choose Dzyadzorm for sentimental reasons. I never had a local name growing up other than my day name (Akua). Dzyadzorm was later on given to me by my father after I shared this concern with him.


Who introduced you to spoken word/when did the passion for this begin?

No one in particular introduced me to spoken word. The realization that I was meant to do this came gradually for me. From writing my own pieces to watching other performances (The Strivers Row, Fiveology and of course Def Jam poets like J.Ivy , Black Ice , Sunni Patterson etc. to having all the right influences around me encouraging me to give it a shot.I have since then been granted many opportunities to express my art and for that I’m very thankful.

How many years have you been at this professionally?

Just a year, April 15th marked the anniversary of my very first performance.

Do you have any spoken word pieces out? Titles?

Yes I do. My debut spoken word piece was ‘phases’. It is an expression of self,growth, pain and a resolve to transform.

‘Phases’ was followed by ‘Hush’ which is a piece on the confusion that can sometimes surround female sexuality.

Which events have you performed at?

There have been quite a number of events in the past year. I’ve been blessed to partake in following from my maiden appearance on Y FM’s Poets on Y FM. I have since been on TV Africa’s Daybreak Entertainment show, Jojo Abot & The Phunky Phew concert, Ehalakasa Talk Party’s Republikasa , Open mic night at N’Daba Music & Acoustic Poetry , Elikplim Akorli’s book launch for a A Heart’s Quest , several episodes of Chorkor Height’s Live on The Terrace where I have once been the main feature and more recently the Live In Accra Jazz Festival dubbed The Cadence.


Any upcoming events that you will be performing at? 

Yes have my second main feature at Chorkor Height’s Live on The Terrace on May 20.

What do you do aside spoken word?

I am the project manager for Stone Lodge, a getaway resort set on the Asutsuare Road.

What are the issues/topics you address in your pieces? 

Mostly social issues stemmed from personal experiences and aspirations. My plan is to expand my horizon as far as themes are concerned in order to be seen as a diver artist rather than than just a romantic one. Till date, one of my pieces I’m most proud of is war and its implications on a body of people.

Do you think spoken word has a following in Ghana?

I think it’s starting to. It’s got a whole lot more attention now than it did in the past. What we must remember is that any expression of art, be it music, dance or whatever that is set out to not only entertain but educate an audience as well, it would require great dedication on the part of the artists to produce quality works that ensures that whatever the focus is shone on, the art lasts for a long time and not just in the moment. Spoken word is not a trend that’s in right now. It’s been around for centuries and it’s our job as artists to make sure it stays relevant in our society.

Does it pay?

As a full time job, I don’t think it does but I’m hoping that will change as the appreciation grows.

Future plans?

The main goal is to be better. Live better, write better, and perform better. I believe with that, the opportunities to go beyond Ghana and Africa will present itself.

By: Gameli Hamelo/


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