Archbishop Duncan Williams has been announced as the recipient of the Legends of Besorah honorary award.

A concept born by NMJ Ghana, Christian honorary event will celebrate ‘men of God’ within the community for their service to God and mankind. “Besorah” is a Hebrew word which means “Gospel or good news”, thus Legends of Besorah will each year honour great men of the gospel in Ghana who have impacted greatly on the lives of the people through sharing of the gospel and other humanitarian works throughout the country.

According to Mr Nana Michaels, CEO of NMJ Ghana, “This gospel influenced program seeks to award and throw light on individual men of God yearly by celebrating them as 1 Timothy5:17 says ‘Let the elders that rule be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine’”.

He adds that, based on this and the saying, “A country which does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for”, NMJ deems it appropriate to have an annual event to honour our outstanding heroes as far as the gospel is concerned and the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is the first to be celebrated due to his numerous and outstanding contributions towards the country as well as individuals.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is the founder and overseer of the Action Chapel International and the founder of the Dominion University. He is also the founder of charismatic movement in Ghana and known all over the world as the Apostle of Strategic Prayers due to his powerful prayers. He has trained and natured a lot of powerful men of God who also help in the dissemination of the good news. Most of these men of God refer to him as ‘‘PAPA’’ because they regard him as their spiritual father.

Duncan Williams
Duncan Williams

Apart from his excellence in education and health by starting a University and a clinic on the church premises, his numerous humanitarian pursuits cannot be sidelined. Papa has a lot of humanitarian projects in various parts of the country some of which include provision of good and portable drinking water for deprived areas in the country, adopting and donating to foster care homes etc.

Indeed we at NMJ strongly believe that a man of such caliber is worthy of honoring. In view of this we have put together a splendid honourary event, coupled with powerful musical performances. The date for the event is on the 31st of May 2014 and the venue is at the Banquet Hall of the State House in Accra. Meanwhile tickets are out and interested individual are to call the organizers for reservation.

Parts of proceeds from ticket sales  will go to support one of celebrant’s  humanitarian projects while sponsors of the event, RLG communications will also give away 1,000 of their newest brand of rlg android phones , Fusion Ignite 2 to individuals who buy the ticket for the event.

Mr Michaels concluded by calling for support from the Christian Community. He said “Since this event will be an annual event, we are calling on all Christians as well as corporate organisations to support this worthy cause as Legends of Besorah as a brand is one breakthrough that their products and services need in order to gain firm grounds.”

The Legends of Besorah honorary award  is sponsored by RLG Ghana, Kenpong Travel and Tours, Aqua Safari Resort, and Venus Investment.


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