This June, the Black Stars of Ghana will make their third appearance at the finals of football’s biggest competition; the World Cup.

Since the final whistle of the last qualifier match with the Pharoahs of Egypt, there’s been a lot of hype building towards the competition itself.

There is no doubt, that football is the one thing in Ghana that transcends ethnic, religious and political lines in Ghana. Some past coaches have even gone as far as to complain that Ghana actually has 25 million coaches. Everyone has a strong opinion over how each player must play, and how each game must go. Undisputedly, football is a national passion and when it comes to supporting the Black Stars, everyone is on the same page.

The unfortunate thing about this World Cup is that government has announced its ability to send only a fraction of the supporters to Brazil to cheer the Black Stars on compared to the last World Cup in South Africa.

This is due to the significant cost involved in making the round trip. It has been reported that to be able to travel to Brazil, attend the matches and settle all attending fees, each fan will need to budget $13,500. Clearly this means that relatively few supporters can make it to Brazil in person to cheer our Stars on.

In light of this hurdle, many corporate organizations have stepped up to the task and designed attractive sponsorship packages to enable many ardent supporters make the expensive trip to Brazil to cheer the Black Stars. This has been met with great applause and patronage. However, even with the all the additional sponsorship, millions of football lovers are stranded in their desire to express their love for football and support for the Black Stars.

It is in light of this that Lym Haus Solutions –a leading creative communications company in Ghana- has devised an excellent way for all of Ghana to express our support for the Black Stars; The Flag of Vim campaign.

The Flag of Vim is one giant flag of Ghana that will travel the length and breadth of the country, collecting signatures of fans everywhere. It will feature signatures from the presidency, parliament, judiciary, private sector workers, public sector workers, school children, religious bodies and any Ghanaian from any walk of life who wants to give the Black Stars vim as they take on giants like Portugal, Germany and USA. Each signature will carry the hope of the person signing it. It will be his expression of support for the Black Stars in their quest for glory.

The Flag of Vim will be flown to Brazil and officially handed over to the Black Stars. As it hangs on their hotel and in the stadium, it will invoke in the Stars, the faith of a nation, the hope of a people.

The Flag of vim will be touring the country from [26th May, 2014] to [9th June, 2014].

Football lovers interested in signing the Flag of Vim should be on the lookout for it in all national capitals. Further details about exact locations and dates as well as sponsorship for this campaign can be found on the Facebook Page;

Finally, Ghana can have an overwhelming presence in Brazil, with the signatures of millions to show for it.


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