Two of Africa’s best and most consistent rappers team up for this banger, produced by Oakland, California Producer Wes Mapes.

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest goes back to Jozi for this next single titled ‘Jigah’. South African rapper HHP joins him on this African combo juxtaposing both their unique styles in a multilingual back and forth reminiscent of the best days of Hip Hop.

The collaboration recalls the uncanny chemistry and synchronistic energies of Method Man and Redman.

These two deliver a quintessential African Hip Hop sound infusing Ghanaian and South African dialects, with the  pride of Maftown, HHP, urging calm to M.anifest’s aggressive, ‘Chale me si me jigah’, which translates from ‘Twi’ as “I’m amped up.”

Wes Mapes’ production is a thumping headbanger which serves as the perfect backdrop for the back and the forth between two of Africa’s premier rappers.



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