“Lmfao… some serious entertainment here.funny how 99 percent of yall talking here aint seen me in real life before but are suddenly bleaching agent experts to tell if I am bleaching from a picture lol.

I repeat I aint bleaching but amo keep d pics coming on here for yall..just so viewership is massive here alryt? Tmrw id share a lighter edited pic den d next dae amo share a darker edited pic den d next dae amo share a regula pic..lol battle btwn haters and lovers ..it always ends with love ..deuces !.. n oh to doz who know the truth ..yal rock..d rest can keep accusing falsely. . I seriously enjoy the attention! this is showbiz .I understand it perfectly so really truely freedom of speech. Keep talking!

On a serious note I tend to read comments here and not hit any of the crap talkers back with foul language cos as much as ppl think its a sin to bleach , some ppl do so because of skin diseases burns and personal preferences.

The singer/rapper's Music Awards make up that got her to put out this rebuttal
The singer/rapper’s Ghana Music Awards make up that got her to put out this rebuttal

D fact that i am not bleaching does not mean I should trash or slam it down .I respect ervone with their choices in life .if someone chooses to do so ..thats their buisness ..at the end of the day the same way u perm your natural hair ..wear makeup ..weave on or stand on heels to enhance your natural height is the same reason others choose to do as they please to their skin .

Who are you to judge ? Are you 100 percent natural? Have you never worn makeup? Never polished your nails ? Never permed your natural hair ? Have u never edited what God gave you? The guys are talking more than the gurls sef ..so perfect mehn who dont use roll on to smell artificial ..you go natural right? Lol talk now ..your sisters or girlfriends are the same in hair skin and ervfin else since birth? Yee who has no sin should cast the first stone .

For the final time I repeat. I am very fine with my skin .. I am NOT bleaching (TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ). but I will dare Not condem any one who chooses to tone or bleach for their own reasons.

In all ways keep talking and maximise this page viewership .love yal ..muahhh!”

Credit: Eazzy/Facebook

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