Sharon Marley Prendergast and Ekow Alabi Savage officially tied the knot at a private family location on Tuesday.

Dr. Erica Bennett, Ambassador for the Diasporan African Forum (DAF), was present at the ceremony to represent Rita Marley, Sharon’s mother, (who had traveled out of the country to USA).

“The Marley family is an iconic family, and they welcome you into their family. And they have allowed you to be part of their (Marley) family. They asked me to give you a message – No Woman, No Cry – they don’t want to see any tears in her eyes.

“The tears she’s shedding today are tears of joy, but there should never, never, ever, be any tears of sorrow. I will like to raise this glass and make a toast for Mr. and Mrs. Savage; may you have health, happiness and wealth,” Dr. Bennett said.

Dr. Erica Bennett (Ambassador, Diasporan African Forum)   Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 3 Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 4 Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 5 Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 6 Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 8  Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 10 Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 11 Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 12  Sharon Marley & Ekow Alabi Savage 14 Sharon Marley

Daddy Bosco (Ahuma Ocansey), Administrator of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), who was the MC for the wedding, adds:

“I find this marriage as another extension of the Marley legacy. Sharon’s mother, Rita Marley, we all know moved to settle here with us in Ghana way back in 1990s and for her to give out her daughter’s hand in marriage to one of Ghana’s disciplined sons is indeed plausible. For the wind of love to circulate around these two people for 23 years is no joke at all.

“It’s even going to be denser than it was in the past years and it is our hope and prayer that this lasts forever, like the Marley legacy.

“A huge history has been made in Ghana with this marriage because it stands as the first and direct African marriage bonded to the Marley family. It will go a long way to solidify the connection of Ghana and Jamaica. Bob Marley himself in songs have always wanted to be back to the motherland, we have his wife Nana Rita with us and now Sharon too has followed the trend.

“In other words, it will also go a long way to give the Ghana Reggae industry and the entire music and cultural sector a lot of good,” Daddy Bosco said.

The couple first met some 23 years ago.



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