Ghanaian R&B musician, Chase Forever, says but for the death of his brother and the love of his large fan base, he would have quit his music career.
According to the musician – whose two new hot singles, ‘Pull Me Down’ and ‘Boozman Anthem’, featuring Mugeez are gaining attention all over – he sometimes felt like quitting music.
He said he was not taking his career seriously until he lost his brother. He then felt the need to do something with his music talent early in life before death comes knocking at his door.
Chase Forever was speaking at an album listening ceremony at the Hot Gossip Nite Club in Accra for his upcoming album titled,‘Unappreciated’.
A section of media at the event Chase Forever and Face of Vienna City Chase poses with Hogan (L), Treasure and Nana Gafacci and Chase Forever Gafacci, Chase Forever and new rapper Treaser Mugeez joins the team
“There are times I don’t want to do music anymore but I log on to facebook and I see people who look up to me and I feel like If I quit that will be the worst thing that ever happened to me,” he told journalists.
The album listening ceremony was to give the media an opportunity to listen to the album before the general public does when it is finally released in less than two month’s time.
Songs on the album include ‘Survivor’, ‘Pull Me Down’, ‘Boozman Anthem’, ‘Dance For Me’, ‘Crazy Love’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Blow You Away’, ‘Cookie’, ‘Don’t Cry When I’m Gone’ and ‘Crazy Love’.
 Chase hoped to break new barriers with the new album, as he took his time to explain all the songs to the media, who reacted with questions.
He also disclosed certain sacrifices he had to make to protect his career, revealing how a special female friend of his had abandoned him because he took a photo with a lady fan.
Present at the album listening event were award-winning producer Gafacci, Mugeez, Delay, Charlotte Face of Vienna City, comedian Hogan and a host of others.

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