Female singer, Sala, spent quite a lot of money on her recently released video for the single ‘My Love’.

Shot in the United States by celebrated American director, Sergei Franklin, the entire production is said to be in the region of 70, 000 dollars.

The cost included everything from pre to post production, sources close to her have suggested.

She wouldn’t conform or deny the amount being bandied around save for “It did cost a lot.”


‘Sergei doesn’t come cheap; he is a top notch producer, so we spent something substantial on this.”

The video, which is currently enjoying rotation on local television, is the singer’s first visual effort in 2014. It was released weeks after ‘My Love’ found its way onto mainstream platforms.

Shot in the streets of New York, the director Franklin came in handy to perfectly give it the kind of projection worthy of a solid production.

Fraklin is responsible for several of 50 Cents, and The Roots’ videos, and has been involved in a good number of productions including ‘We are New York’, which won him an Emmy.

Sala is signed onto 7th Entertainment.



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