Dear Charter House,

I am not even going to ask how you are doing after the appalling organization of the 15th edition of the Ghana Music Awards over the weekend. I am certain the aftershock is still trending and you are probably deeply embarrassed with your own exhibited incompetence which some of us honestly brought to your attention.

Following my honest review (which in fact is my first on any of your events), I’ve been told the underlying truth and your ‘self-disappointment’ have pushed you into pushing a whole new level of propaganda hogwash against my person.

I’ve heard that, from the highest person on your chain of leaders to the lowest, the ongoing talk is that, I hate Charter House and I’ve not written anything good about the entity—-instead of taking my review in good faith and fixing the mentioned issues which were noticed by thousands of Ghanaians who watched and followed the event.

Touting me as a hater in order to hide your shame and not face reality is not much of a shock to me. In fact, it is a common African trait which many employ when they are criticized, and I’ve seen that enough to be able to distinguish between what is ‘hating and what is hard but honest truth’.

The most shocking ‘rhetoric’ of the hogwash propaganda from your offices is the fact that, your organisation is intentionally confusing me with someone (that is even if any person fits the accusation) or intentionally peddling outrageous lies based on non-existing precious cause of dealing with me.

I’ve been made to understand that, some very senior persons at Charter House are saying, they once asked me to do some work for them in relation to Miss Malaika and I said “No, I won’t do it because I do not work for Nigerians”. And since then, I’ve always written unfavourable articles about Charter House.

To be frank, the above is not only absurd but also childish, and exudes nothing less of unintelligent stand point.

First of all, I do not live in Ghana and I’ve never worked or been contacted to do any work for Charter House. Whoever contacted me must be a ghost. I have 6 writers in Ghana who are exceptionally professional and well educated beyond this—and I believe none of them will ever throw out such gibberish too…

Secondly, I live in a multiple cultural Britain and have a network of Nigerians within my field of work. I work for some, others work for me and we work alongside each other sometimes.

Thirdly, until the above information got to me, I did not know Charter House was a Nigerian company. Excuse my ignorance but from my many years of legal education, I’ve come to understand that a company has an independent personality, separated from its Directors- I think I should help you with where the principle comes from—Solomon v A Solomon & Co Ltd.

I know for a fact that the people on top of Charter House’s hierarchy are Nigerians but from my education, this does not make Charter House a Nigerian company. It is therefore unfounded for whatever person out there at Charter House to distort my honest review of your event with such a baseless accusation.

Again, even if someone from Pluto comes and ask me to do some work for him, I will take the job as long as the remuneration is reasonable and I believe in the product—-and it is free from any falsification.

If you care to know ‘Nigerian’ Charter House, I have stronger ties with Nigeria and Nigerians which go beyond work and I mean personal and close ties. If I will take a reasonable paying job from Pluto, why will I ignore one from planet Earth—such a bulk of nonsense…

The thing is, if you are saying my review was based on some sort of bad faith (which does not exist except probably in your minds), what about the thousands of social media users who tweeted and wrote on facebook to talk about the blinding stage light, the unpardonable late start which consequently led to the GTV cut off, the award show having been turned into a concert and a gospel extravaganza to be precise? Do they all have issues with your organisation or does it seem like together with them; we are stating the ‘obvious truth’ that you cannot swallow?

Just like I stated in my review, I do not review most Ghanaian events and that should explain why I have not personally review any of your events before—but after 15 years of running the show this way, I could not hold back anymore and I had to bring your attention to what you may call mistakes, others will call unpardonable mistakes but I call incompetence. It fits well in the incompetence box because no one repeats the same mistake for 15 years—and on yearly repeat is your late start.

Instead of considering my review and seek to correct the issues raised alongside the many Ghanaians who watched the event, you seem to have a delusion hovering over your heads that it couldn’t be that bad. Let me tell you, it was…

If anything at all, you should be happy I pointed out your flaws and I think I should send you an invoice for honestly reviewing your event—which many with a voice have failed to do, probably because of your ongoing creepy ethics and spree of conscience buying…

As I stated above, get your facts right…I’ve not had any encounter with anyone from Charter House and have not said anything about not working for you because of ‘blah blah’ which means I hate your outlet. You may be confusing me with someone or you are just making up bedtime stories so that you do not face the truth.

Whatever it is, sought it out and fix things…Ghanaians will be watching next year too and I will be proud if you take on my criticism and get things right—this time. All the same, my hope for a better event next year remains highly infinitesimal in value. And I will be glad if you give me and the many Ghanaians an interesting experience next year…

Good luck… 🙂

Submitted by: Chris Vincent-Agyapong

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