Michael Ayitey Powers and Braimah”Bukom Banku” Kmoko have told box Office promotions to cough up GHC 50,000 each for the May 15 date or they will walk.

The fighters,in a surprising show of unity told Allsports.com.gh exclusively that they felt undervalued by the promoter who had failed to live up to his promises.

According to Banku,they had no intention of pulling out but their demands were irrevocable.

“We are prepared to fight on the 15th of May but the money the promoter is paying is not fine. If he can pay us GHS 50,000 each,the fight is on if not we will walk away because this is the biggest fight in Africa and it is pay per view.

Powers supporting Banku’s demands said Box Office Promotions was yet to fulfill some of it’s promises.

“What Banku is saying is true.This promoter told me that after he got sponsors he would increase the purse but till now he has not done so and wants to sign a contract with his mouth.I cannot do that because it’s my job.He has to pay us the GHS 50,000 each.I wanted GHS 60,000 but Banku asked us to reduce.”

“If he won’t pay he should forget the fight and give it to somebody who has money to promote it.”

This new development comes barely a day after the promoter was able to resolve a dispute over a date for the fight after the Ga Traditional Council asked for a postponement over the performance of rites for the Homowo festival.

Credit: AllSportsgh

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