“My brother, we don’t know her. We were watching from home when we saw her going on stage to pick the award and say she is a lover of the SM family and was taking the award on our behalf.

“But honestly, we do not know her. I could have been there myself to pick on his behalf but as I said there were issues we could not reach a compromise on.”

Strange lady?

On going to event grounds after main event

“We were watching it at home when our lights went off, so we moved to Osu to eat and we were eating not far from the stadium so it was on our way home that we used the road in front of the venue and his fans saw him.

“We could not disrespect them so Shatta had to wave and so on. They asked why he was not present and he explained the two issues to them. They understood and that was it.”

Quotes from an interview Shatta Wale’s Manager Bulldog granted NewsOne

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