*O a aww
*tru mi pay fi di..
*me haffi do everything fi stick with it..
*all night long…
*cyaan waist it
•cool down now fi mi gyal mek mi break it..## buck it up fi mi gyal mek me break it


•Look Pon dat body
•Me set a bare hot fyah deh ..
•A no hire me
•So cyaan tire me
•From Accra to Miami
••faster faster she say do me faster
••mi go mash up the kumkum call me master
••can’t dash wey me dollar Pon a belly dancer
••and go way without no answer

–dah one yah name
•mi have something fi u gyal… LONGER
•Better than the ordinary
•it a go spice up your life
•make u wanna be my wife
•no guy can make you u feel like

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