Move over twitter – there is a new and more fun micro blogging social platform in cyberspace, and it is coming from Ghana, Africa!
Founded in June 11, 2012 by 21-year old Ifeanyichukwu Uche, an Accra-based Nigerian computer programmer and internet entrepreneur, Gisttar ( is a social networking site that connects you to the latest news, ideas, and stories based on your interests and network.
According to the founder, Gisttar was created to improve the way people communicate with one another, and with over 33,285 users already on the network, people from all over world can find fun ways to connect.
Gisttar was built from scratch using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Ajax, programs that Mr Uche largely perfected on his own, in spite of having fundamental education in Computer Science at Methodist University College Ghana.
The creation process took almost two years of painstaking trials and tweaks until the current version was reached to give users an optimum experience. Gisttar is currently available in web and mobile view with a mobile app also running on android technology.
So what makes Gisttar stand out amongst the plethora of social networks all over the world? Mr Uche explains:
“Gisttar comes with interesting features for all type of people, company or organisation. With our interesting smileys you can use them to design your gists or display name. We also offer a simple and smooth way of confirming profiles of public figures, celebrities, companies for users to know that gists are from a confirmed user.
Gisttar is simply for users and less spam, there is star rating that’s rate each users. There is a locked user name function for company or organisation or even any users who thinks that a particular name or title belong to them and they don’t want any user to use that name or title you can decide to lock your username or title – feature you can only get on gisttar.”
Gisttar was founded on June 11, 2012 and  officially launched in July 15, 2013 and it becoming one of the fastest growing social networking site in Africa, with 50% of our users signing up from Nigeria, 25% signing up from Ghana and the remaining 25% across Africa and beyond. Visit Gisttar today and be a part of the revolution.

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