“I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I never have and I believe that drinking and smoking is not the key to stage craft or good music. It is sad how most young and upcoming musicians think that they have to do drugs, smoke or abuse alcohol to fit in, record hit tracks or to be able to perform live on stage.” – Stay Jay talking about alcohol and drug abuse

“I have heard people say I will not have time for school because I am making money. Money is good but it cannot be as good as my education. Even though I can earn up to Gh¢2.500 a movie, I have never thought of quitting school. I have told movie producers who ask for my services that when I am in school, I won’t have time for them and they respect my decision” “I don’t know why anyone should say I am disrespectful. Ever since I started acting at age 6, never have I insulted or spoken to anyone rudely”. – Child actor Maame Serwaa told Showbiz in an interview

“I did a lot of thinking during all that period and realised that it is always better to lie low for some time and just observe, during that period, I also realised that we could do bêtter than just going out of the country to perform for only Ghanaian communities, We have to take what we do seriously, it is our profession and what feeds us. This is showbiz which means show and business so we need to take the commercial part seriously by delivering what the people want.” – Kokovelli speaking to Showbiz about the Ghana music industry

“The family and funeral committee have agreed that there will be no wake keeping on Friday so we want to use that opportunity to celebrate the short but impactful life on my boss, my friend and business partner Fennec Okyere. We will do our own version of wake keeping and stay awake till Saturday morning for Fennec”,  – Kwaw Kese speaking on a concert planned for his late manager on April 25

“What I love about myself is my butt. It’s not too big and not small either but it appears many people like it. Often when I step out, guys go like, ‘damn, this girl has a nice shape and she’s got a good backside, when people compliment me on my assets as such, it makes me feel comfortable and self-assured,” – Kisa Gbekle in an interview with Showbiz

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