Who is KEV?

I’m just a 20 year old that loves music, hip hop and R&B to be specific.

Why music particularly hip hop?

Hip hop because that’s what I grew up listening to.

Do you have any music out? Singles,Mixtapes, albums?

I did a joint mixtape with my friends Mynus and Grenade when I was 18.We named it “Crunch Time “. And Insomniac (My EP) is my latest and 1st solo project. Apart from that, I have loads of singles and covers of some songs I released before Insomniac.

Why the title Insomniac?

I choose that name because it described the situation in which I was at that time. I just had so much on my mind and I was going through a lot that I couldn’t really have a sound sleep. I stayed up all night just thinking and trying to figure stuff out.

Who is the song “Not Your Average Rapper” directed at?

No one in particular. I just felt like I had to make a statement to everyone because I get tired of people comparing me to others.

How long have you been doing music?

4 years.


Any thoughts on the music scene in Ghana?

Well… it is not so diverse but I’m sure with time things will fall in place and a bigger range of genres will be accepted. And there aren’t enough platforms for underground artiste to exhibit their work. And obviously not enough appreciation for rap music. Most people just want to hear a song with nice instrumental you know… something they can jam to. They really don’t care what the rapper is saying in the song.

How do you get your music to your fans considering the mainstream media doesn’t support that much?

It’s basically via social media: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and all. And I have a hype team called #CatalystFam that handles that.

Who in your opinion is the dopest underground hip hop act?

I don’t really have a particular person because I feel like every artiste grew up differently, has different life experiences and therefore has different things to talk about and different angles to come from when writing on a topic. Some of the dopest underground hip hop artistes in my opinion are Rumor, Blackway,J.Heightz , Kwame Nsiah , Copta , Boyo , Mushroom , Snypz , Grenade amongst others.

What of the mainstream?

EL, Jay So, Manifest, Sarkodie , XO Senavoe

 Interview conducted by: Gameli Hamelo/enewsgh.com





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