Despite the good money, child actor, Clara Amoateng Benson, aka Maame Serwaa, is making in movies, the 15 year-old  says she will never allow acting to interfere with her schooling.

“I have heard people say I will not have time for school because I am making money. Money is good but it cannot be as good as my education. Even though I can earn up to Gh¢2.500 a movie, I have never thought of quitting school.

“I have told movie producers who ask for my services that when I am in school, I won’t have time for them and they respect my decision” Maame Serwaa told Showbiz in an interview last Monday.

Explaining why she would choose school over acting, Maame Serwaa said acting is seasonal and that producers can decide not to use you anymore but if she takes her schooling seriously, she will be in a good position to land a job any time.


Responding to a question whether she could speak English as well as she speaks Twi in her movies, Maame Serwaa said she was fluent in English and that she was one of the brilliant girls in her class.

“I wish I could try one of the English language movies to prove to everyone how good I am. So far, she has featured in Me Ba, School Girl, Sekina, Tumi, Ntaafo) Tumi and  Otan Ne Bayie.

Maame Serwaa told Showbiz that she is often saddened when she hears people say that  because of the roles she plays, she involves herself in “mpaninsem” and therefore she is disrespectful.

According to her, she  hears  such comments often and though she has been able to convince some people she is not disrespectful,  many are those who believe she is.

“I don’t know why anyone should say I am disrespectful. Ever since I started acting at age 6, never have I insulted or spoken to anyone rudely”.

Asked what she intended to do with the money she earned, Maame Serwaa said her mother and her manager invest for her.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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