Spoken Word artiste, Ms.B.Redd, speaks to us on career, inspiration and influences, and also on theme among other exciting let-ins.

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Who is MsB.Redd?

Ms.B.Redd is a Ghanaian and Dutch spoken word artiste who believes in the beauty of words and being able to touch people’s lives through the power of experiences. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and as such, the need to reach people through topics they can relate to.

Who introduced you to spoken word/when did the passion for this begin?

I’ve always been a writer for many years. I started writing poetry when I was thirteen but it wasn’t until the beginning of last year I started going vocal with it or should I say performing. It all started with one studio session when I found myself recording over a beat a friend had given me, that my producer friend, Jayso, suggested it would a great idea for me to become a spoken word artiste. I guess I pretty much run with the idea.

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How many years have you been at this professionally?

I have been a spoken word artiste professionally for a year now.

Do you have any tracks out/titles?

Yes, I do. I currently have 3 covers for original songs, Lucid, Truth and Complicated and an original song which was produced and performed by JaySo and I, Attitude.

Which events have you performed at?

I have performed at Paapa’s Concert at Alliance Francais, Cupid’s Soiree which was headlined by the Amazing spoken word artiste Sulibreaks, Twice on the Jive shows at Hush lounge and twice at Lexington, Lexington Live, Poetry Bar.

Which Ghanaian or international spoken word artist inspires you?

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Well, locally, I admire the work of Yom the Poet; he has incredible delivery and is a great wordsmith. Internationally, I would say, Sulibreaks, who has definitely been inspiration for the journey so far.

How easy or difficult is it combining a full time job as a copywriter and a spoken word artist?

It has definitely been a challenge because my job is very demanding and sometimes conflicts with times I have to be in the studio recording or writing and performing but I definitely make it happen.


What are the issues/topics you address in your pieces?

I use mostly personal experience and I speak on everyday life events and issues that any young person in my generation maybe going through. I do not restrict myself at all. I just let the art flow?

 Future plans?

To reach a lot more people internationally in whichever way I can. I want be able to touch lives even if it’s in the smallest possible way.

Interview conducted by: Gameli Hamelo/enewsgh.com

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