NEWS-ONE cameras on Saturday captured New Patriotic Party (NPP) kingpin, Lord Commey in what seem to be an outing with his three lovely daughters at Osu Oxford Street in Accra.

The politician and his three daughters cruised in a red coloured BMW X6 into the parking space of Osu Food and the rare sight of a politician with his three daughters on a private outing got our cameras flicking.

Commey walks in with his kids IMG_7730 IMG_7734 IMG_7757 Lord serving his children

NEWS-ONE was able to gather the children’s names Naa, KK and Elaina.

They were later seen again at the Pizza counter and it was until when they were seated eating that their dad realized the presence of paparazzi cameras.

“Eiii can’t I have a lil space with my kids? Or politicians are forbidden from eating out with their children”, was all Lord could ask when he realized there was more than one camera around.

Lord declined answering why their mother was not part of the outing but just after the reporter asked the question, one of the children answered: “Mummy is working. She would close late.”

Never before has Lord been seen in public with his daughters.

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