In a move that may get those who had pushed for his dismissal from work and a subsequent derailing of his life to frown but yet bring smiles on the faces of admirers, Kwame Gyan, whom some call “The Airtel Guy” for what happened to him a few weeks ago has extended a warm hand of support to the underprivileged through CITI FM’s Easter project for orphans.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Kwame Gyan made what he called a ‘widows’ mite’ donation. He also captures in the post that it is to thank God for his blessings. “Lots of things to be thankful for and the Old Man above has had my back my a very long time and I feel obligated to show love and appreciation in this way to Him.”

He used the opportunity to call on individuals, organized bodies and the corporate world to support the Citi FM Foundation.

Kwame Gyan gained social media celebrity status last month when one of his posts on his Facebook wall found its way into some pro-government newspapers accusing him of calling for a violent revolution. He has denied that assertion but was nonetheless suspended without pay. He received massive support on social media for what many said was an attempt to gag the vociferous ex journalist.


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