The Ghana Centre for Carnival Arts (GCCA) is set for a thrilling season, as it launches the 2014 edition of its Ghana Carnival Festival which takes place in June 2014 in Accra.
It is aimed at learning, accepting and understanding other cultures. This year’s event is anticipated to come off with a number of exciting activities like costume workshops as it happened in the 2013 edition.
The launching ceremony will take place at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra on Thursday April 10 from 9:00am, and will be followed by a Mask Ball, on Friday, April 11 at the same venue.
The Carnival Mask Ball will be showcasing carnival costumes to lead up to the Ghana Carnival in June.
A number of key actors and stakeholders in the Art and Creative industry will be attending the ceremony.
The Ghana Carnival is not only a platform to attract lots of patrons but also for networking and a time to meet distinguished persons.
Maria Lovell, CEO of Ghana Centre for Carnival Arts (GCCA), revealed that, “The event is a very promising one with special featured guests like Pax Nindi, CEO/Founder Global Carnival centre and Vice President, World Carnival commission.”
Guests will be thrilled with scintillating performances from some of Ghana’s finest artistes namely  Nino, Stay Jay, Nhyiraba Kojo, Ruff n Smooth, Precious Memories and many other great performers.

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