“I know I’m fighting with Mundine and I don’t want to reveal my secret to him. If Mundine is gonna  understand me, I have to tell him something; he is a brother to me now.

“You know in boxing, if  you fight super middle weight and you coming down middle weight , and you gonna come down to super middle weight, it’s gonna be a problem to you.

Clottey taking it home
Clottey taking it home

“I know he is gonna be a bigger guy but my strong because I am natural 154 so if I hit him he is gonna go down.

That’s what happened; I want to climb a mountain and it’s gonna be a tough in America because he was very disappointed with my fight with Manny Pacquiáo so everybody write me down so Mundane giving me the chance to fight with him is a blessing to me because I’m gonna be on his shoulders to go up, I really thank him for the opportunity and I have use my opportunity.”

Transcribed by: Abdullai Isshak/enewsgh.com

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