They were set up to license the competent and the qualified but they have their own procedures, though clearly codified, often defied.

So that instead of certifying they that possess the requisite knowledge and skills
they approve the very inept who, by sheer incompetence, innocent citizens kills.

While the honest client may be frustrated beyond endurance others, even from a distance, can their way pay without let or hindrance.

The law fiercely forbids that we to a public officer make false presentation
But alas! The very officer gospels his clients in flagrant misrepresentation;
Evangelises on how to circumvent the most hallowed convention
And also, how to go about bare-faced falsification
All this without a hint of moral trepidation


Even persons with physical disability are not denied the possibility of mechanized mobility provided they display sufficient pecuniary ability.

That the DVLA, like most of our public institutions, is infested with corruption is an open secret. The mystery though is the depth and scope of the rot. But the Tiger Eye/Crusading Guide being averse to mysteries, sent its sharp investigative lenses to penetrate the myths and establish the truths. And we dug up enough startling truths to drop even the stiffest of jaws – a disabled person, a mentally ill person, unqualified expatriates and a simple market woman without a clue about driving vicariously issued with licenses; licenses issued without recourse to critical eye test and aptitude tests or the taking of finger prints; officials instructing clients on how to make false presentations and complicit police officers creating extracts from station diaries to support false claims by applicants.

It was that easy and the cash made matters much easier. We found that officials of the DVLA were taking huge sums of money to process fake licenses for people; while other officials were ready to allow applicants to cut corners in the application process.

Ghana’s roads over the past several years have become akin to a war front, where innocent lives and properties are needlessly lost, emotions of individuals are wasted on avoidable grief and pain on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Ghanaian tax payers are funding an institution that is a key factor in this national tragedy.

Tonight at the National Theatre, the faces behind this outrage will be unmasked in the premiere of the Soul-Takers, a documentary that tells the whole story. The film premiering, an initiative of Tiger Eye in partnership with Graphic Communications Group, is a ground-breaking exposé of the deviant acts of public officials that lead to the carnage on Ghana’s roads and highways.

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle chairs the function which has President John Dramani Mahama as the Special Guest.

Credit: Anas Aremeyaw Anas/Facebook

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