For the past eight years, Citi FM has declared the month of March as the “Heritage Month”, a month dedicated to highlight Ghanaian Heritage. The series of programming put the focus on Ghana and led discussions on various aspects of Ghana’s cultural heritage.

The thematic areas for this year’s Heritage Month were Ghanaian Music, people, migration and settlements, food and Ghanaian origin, Ghanaian languages & traditional ceremonies.

Throughout the month, authentic melodious Ghanaian music was played on all the stations programmes. This feat was commended by the Musicians Union of Ghana as novel and supportive of the vision to promote Ghanaian music. Listeners also got daily Heritage Month tips which were played on the Citi Breakfast Show, Burnch in the Citi and Traffic Avenue.

During the first week, the emphasis was on Ghanaian music. Citi FM and Musiga collaborated on the Ghana Music Honors where fifteen exceptional contributors to the Ghanaian music industry were honored. The key highlight was the interview with Prof. John Collins, where he took listeners on a journey that chronicledGhanaian music – the origins, changes and the way forward.

Some musicians commended Citi FM for the week-long discussions to promote the authentic Ghanaian music heritage.

Prof. Henry Wellington, author of was the guest for the third week. He touched on early Osu and slave trade, colonial relationships, games, early forms of writing, family name derivatives, Ghana-Danish relationships, early heroes, landmark events, food, clothing, governance and the need to protect our cultural heritage.

Week four featured a walk-about interview between with Mr. Nat Armateifio as the resource person. The interview explored the indigenous and colonial architecture in Accra.

Finally, the last edition threw the spotlight on the rich history and culture of the people of Anlo in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Some listeners of the Heritage Month series won books from supporters of the event. The books, I Speak of Ghana by Nana Awere Damoah, Tickling the Ghanaian by Kofi Akpabli and Official Tourist Guide – Ghana, were rewards for listeners who had followed the series and answered questions right.

The Heritage Month on 97.3 Citi FM was proudly sponsored by SIC Insurance – SIC, Our promises are sacred.

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