The second edition of the popular My Book of #GHcoats has been released online.

The book is a collection of humorous quotes about everyday life in Ghana compiled via social media using the hash-tag #GHcoats and #GHquotes.

The quotes, though attributed to famous people dead or living, are not true. They are the works of the creative minds of contributors; who ascribe the quotes to certain personalities. The quotes mainly reflect certain characteristics of the people they are attributed to.

According to the editor of the book, Nana Awere Damoah, the project was borne out of the need to capture, share and preserve authentic Ghanaian humor.

“After the success of the first edition, which we published in November 2013, there’s been a call by the public to update the book. The team therefore went to work to produce the Revised Stranded Version (2nd edition) of My Book of #GHcoats with some illustrations to bring the quotes to life.

The quotes not only stimulate hilarity, they mostly have an intrinsic proverbial element that presents a way of life for many. Authors of these quotes derive their idea from social and current affairs, political events and personal observations,” he said.

The ingredients of a good #GHcoats are both the funny or reflective element and the fantastic attribution. Some of the notable quotes include:

Adding kanwie to your okro might make you lick your lips after a meal, but this practice is not advisable 30 minutes to your next boxing match. ~ Muhammad Ali

A real trap is when a wife offers the last meat in the soup she is saving to the husband. ~ Pope John Paul II

No one can eat bofrot without oiling his/her lips. ~ Henry Ford.

The book is available for free download via

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