My childhood dream was always to become a soldier but my mother’s dislike for the job and her fear of me dying made me to abandon my dream.

If he had indeed pursued his dream of becoming a soldier then the showbiz industry and Ghana as a whole will not at this moment be enjoying the good works of Bismark “Thejoke” Odoi as he is known in the showbiz circles.

The comic actor has been making waves with his comic scenes in movies since his debut in ‘For Better for War’ in 2011.

Jokes like “I want chilled sharwama and hot salad” can easily be recollected by many who love him.

Bismark TheJoke had since been cracking the ribs of movie lovers with his English-Ga combination in movies such as Helmet, Single six, Wanna B, Cheaters, five brides and more recently Bachelors.

He told the Weekend Finder in an interview that it was his drama teacher at St Francis Secondary Technical in Akim Oda who saw the potential him after he played a part in a school drama.

He said after school he joined small production houses but it did not work so he had to quit and get a job at Cosmos Shipping Company in Tema. “Whiles working there I saw most of the guys I was working with in scenes so I said to myself but I started with these people and so if they are in now I can also do it.”

Bismark said he quit again and went to an audition at Afrikiko, he recounted that he was wearing a shirt which drew the attention of the guy doing the auditioning, he added that the guy asked him if he was the one who designed it and that led to his job as a props and set assistance.

“I landed my first role in “for better for war” it was directed by Pascal Amanfo. I played only one scene, I was not the one to play the role but the guy to play could not do it so Pascal asked me to do it. I did it and Pascal loved it and decided to bring out the talent I had in me,” the comic actor said.

He said from there he jumped into Slim Busters movie the ‘Helmet’ then to single six and it continued from there.

He noted that Pascal believed in him and he knew could do it so he kept pushing him (Bismark) to do more.

“I did not anticipate that God will be this good to me I am very grateful to him, even though it is not reflecting in my pocket now I know it will pay off in years to come. The Ghana movie industry is slow but I believe we will get there.”

He said his wish is to become the biggest actor in Ghana, he added that Ghanaians should expect two new series from him, James Town fisherman and Gateman which will soon be on the screens.

He added that he is also planning on doing stand up comedies and lauded all the comedians who have been keeping the industry going.

Born to former Hearts of Oak player, Joe Odoi , Bismark is the only child between his dad and mum. He told the Weekend Finder that he had a very challenging childhood and recounted how he used to walk from Kwashieman to Rev Thomas Clark Memorial Methodist JHS at Kaneshie to attend school, “I have hustled well well he said”.

But in all Bismark Thejoke is grateful to God.

Credit: Weekend Finder

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