Host of the Check-In-Time Show on South Africa’s Planet Radio TV, Alex “Turas” Kwesi Crassie, has in an interview with suggested Ghanaian artistes and managers are to blame for their inability to crossover into other markets.

“We are our own down fall; I have friends in high places who tell me what’s wrong with our system and the back stabbing among our own musicians,” he says.

“We have good music but most of our videos are not up there, take a good look at the “Alkayida” video by Guru, the videos have tags with phone numbers on it, no channel will play that video, it was going to be one of the big songs to make it on SA TV if not for those reasons I just mentioned and I get mocked by my friends from SABC, Trace, MTV, PRtv, and Channel O because most Ghanaian video directors always make sure the videos always have tags.

“I’ve spoken to most of the artists but they repeat the same mistake every time when you see the video online. Truth is, most of these channels get most of their videos and information on the internet, that’s if it’s of high quality and the song is buzzing, they will search for it and use it as content for their viewers.

“We as Ghanaians,” he adds  “don’t push our music beyond our borders, we don’t help to make one song big enough, and then we jump onto another song. Just when you are warming up to push a particular song, through social media, people will let you know it’s an old song and get you a link to the new sound everyone is enjoying.

“There is no one single DJ from Ghana playing in the major clubs in Joburg, our Nigerian brothers have DJs almost in every club in the 7 major cities so what do you expect?

“There’s been a lot of talk with many Ghanaian music managers on how to invade the southern region of Africa but they do more talk than work. Our Ghanaian musicians don’t follow up on what they say.”

Turas concludes: “I’ve seen big names and powerful artists fall. There is no VJ, DJ, musician, radio or TV station that is bigger than music from any part of the continent, let’s learn to be humble and respect each other as we all play our effective roles on the field of music and the world will give us our fair share in this music business.”

By: Abdullai Isshak/

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