“Boss, it’s not that I pull out or I ran away. The thing is, you know, I can’t do things on my own. You understand me? The fight is next month. So I have to travel and go and get prayers from my Godfather.

“And I reach there and my Godfather let me know that I don’t have to fight next month. Unless they can postpone it. If not, then I can’t fight. You understand me?

“So if people are saying that maybe I ran away, me, I don’t do things on my own. I’m just looking at God. So if God says that I should not fight on the 18th, and I let them know and they’re saying whatever they want to say, I don’t have problem about that.


“I can’t fight next month. Yeah.”

When asked when he would prefer to fight, he said, “From next two months, next three months, I don’t care. But as for next month, I can’t. They can put the fight another time, but not next month.

“As for me, I want to fight. But God said I should hold on. Next month can’t favour me. I can’t fight next month.

“It’s not that I’m sick or something o… I don’t have problem. But I said it’s God who said that. So people should understand me.”

Quotes from an interview he granted Accra-based Power FM


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