Another Ghanaian international football star, John Paintsil, is heading for the divorce lane as his wife, Richlove Paintsil, has filed for separation at an Accra High Court.

However, Paintsil, who at the moment plays for South Africa’s Santos, has reportedly refused to sign the divorce papers, months after he had been served copies of the document.

A source close to Mrs Paintsil told the Graphic Sports that after enduring so much emotional stress and trauma, as well as neglect, Mrs Paintsil felt it was time to move on.

“She has had to put up with a lot from John Paintsil. He travelled to South Africa for a new deal without informing her. Having secured a deal in South Africa, he tried to put up their Trasacco Valley home for sale on the internet without her knowledge and she was just fortunate that there was no buyer, otherwise she and the children would have been homeless.

At the moment, he has not been remitting them and after thinking through, she felt that the best option was for the two to go their separate ways, hence her decision to file for divorce,” the source narrated to the Graphic Sports.

But perhaps, taking a cue from what has befallen his colleague John Mensah, following a divorce ruling, Paintsil is hesitant to sign the divorce papers and the lawyers of Mrs Paintsil have allegedly given him up to the end of this month to sign before considering their next line of action.

Recently, an Accra High Court granted divorce for Mrs Henrietta Mensah against the former Black Stars captain with the ruling that the properties of the star, usually referred to as the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’, be sold and the proceeds shared between them.

Obviously not ready to endure all that, Paintsil has refused to agree with the divorce request and has remained incommunicado since being informed.

This is the latest development in the topsy-turvy relationship of the Paintsils after the footballer allegedly assaulted his wife last year.

The incident which ended up at the East Legon Police station was later resolved amicably, with Mrs Paintsil describing it ‘as one of those misunderstandings between couples.’

Credit: Graphic Sports

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