Until the departure of Praye Tenten from the Praye trio, the group which boasts of hit songs like Angelina and Shordy,  could pride themselves as one of Ghana’s biggest hitmakers of hilpife music.

Sadly that status seems to have been lost since Praye Tenten left about three years ago.

Did Praye Tenten’s departure affect Praye’s fortunes? In an interview with Praye Tietia who spoke on behalf of the group last Tuesday, he conceded to Showbiz that Praye Tenten’s split had indeed affected the group in some aspects.

“I think that in any human institution, you need people in it. People say that the fewer the merrier but when it comes to a group, you need more hands to operate so definitely his exit has had a toll on the group.

“For instance, when you need more hands to push a car and the number reduces; it is difficult to push the car with that same weight.

Honestly, I think that it has affected the group in a way but not entirely because the core of the group is still around. Nothing about our compositions have changed.

“Yes, when it comes to stage performances, when you are more and choreograph your moves well, you look nicer and more organised on stage. So yes, performance wise, it may have affected the group but not our compositions” he said.

Praye Tietia conceded that Praye Tenten’s exit has challenged him particularly to be more creative in his writings.

Praye which started as a group in 2004 after winning the Nescafe competition emerged as one of the best groups sweeping numerous awards and they believe that the celebration of their decade anniversary is the right moment to get their “lost” brother back in the fold.

“We think that 10 years of doing music is no mean feat and it is only fair that we invite Praye Tenten to join us as a group to celebrate.

Our management has already thrown the invitation to him but that is not an indication that we can’t do without him. The Praye group and vision is bigger than anyone” he said.

In response to a question whether the group misses him, Praye Tietia said, “Yes, we have missed him. It is like you being brothers and losing one, you will definitely miss him.

If you even have a close sibling and he travels abroad, you will miss the person regardless of whatever your differences are.”
Since the exit of Praye Tenten, Praye has released a new album, New Testament which has not been as successful as earlier albums.

But despite the challenges, Praye believes that they are the best group in Ghana.

Praising the fortunes of the group, Praye Tietia said that even though he recognises the talents and ambitions of other groups, Praye is the most successful group in Ghana.

`“We know that our fans have missed us so starting from September this year, we will hit the 10 regions of Ghana on a concert tour to thank our fans for their support. We hope to have Praye Tenten on board when the time is due” he stated.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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