Kwame Akɔti
P.O. Box 31

Sandra Ankobea
TV3 Network Limited
Kanda Accra.

18th March 2014


Dear Sandra, i’m very delighted and flabbergasted to be standing on the mounting of love which flows with honey and milk and even sometimes disway chocolate, nea wohiaaa ne nsuohyiɛ to maniscribe to you these few but tantalising words of mine. Mepɛ wo wati? Anytime I see you eh? Hmmmm! The way your mpokua aka breast is standing I feel logoligi in my waist and the song that comes to my mind is “COWBEL OUR MILK” Ei how I wish they were mine. Like I will put straw inside and drink!

I hear you want to date a man who can make you laugh? Oh please look no further. I su wer Sandra I i’m a fool. I can fool papa. Because I want to make you happy i’ve even moved in with Funny Face. You know that guy has graduated from fooling to OFUI. I’m learning more tricks to make you happy from him.


Any time you guys are hosting the show and you look at Benny Blanco with those sexy eyes of yours I get scared. Hmmmm!!! Hope he has not told you anything yet? I know him. He is my brother ooo. Be very careful with him and remember that the devil is a lier.

I’m also very sexy if you think i’m lying ask Nana Aba…….. I’m not too handsome but at least I fine pass Nii Ayi Tagoe. tweaaa that pregnancy man? Even though I’m not too tall, Francis Doku is not synonymous with me when it comes to height. Infact he is my antonym.

Last but not the least I got style my dear. I’m even putting perfume on my body as I’m typing. Can you smell it? It is a Creed designer perfume. Fred Nuamah introduced it to me. You know that guy, he can use all his money to buy one perfume and eat air. Smh

Anyway my baby baby!!! Thanks for your attention ok.

Your potential lover.
Kwame Akɔti


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