Last Friday, the Citi Sports team premiered their new African football show called FC Africa.

After its airing, one text message described the show as “very similar to the BBC Fast Track show of yesteryear.”

The description was apt, as – like that show which is now defunct – FC Africa aims to bring African football to the doorsteps of listeners around the world.

FC Africa is a groundbreaking collaboration between Citi FM and, Africa’s biggest football website.

As is the tradition with Citi Sports programs, the show will be available online for listening and download, as a podcast.

Join the Citi Sports team for the next edition this Friday, which will have exclusive reports from Morocco, Angola, and Libya regarding the African Champions League and Confederations Cup.

And also FC Africa will be doing a special piece on the Soweto Derby which happens this weekend as well as a comprehensive look at African players abroad.

FC Africa, brought to you by Citi FM and airs at 1910GMT (2110 CAT) every Friday.

The Citi Sports team have, in the past two years, had a tradition of innovative sport programming and have been known for the wit, humour and creativity with which content is delivered.

According to and the Citi Sports team, fans of the show can join the African football conversation on social media: or

Issued by: Citi FM Sports desk


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