‘Once forgiven, twice unrepentant’, the Ahafo Ano South DCE faces fresh wrath of government after his unrepentant stance for his disrespectful local slang “tweaa”.

Gabriel Barimah told JOY NEWS “how could have a lady in London heard of me. There are a lot of friends who have calling to congratulate me. I think it has boosted my morale and I have never regretted for the fact that people call me ‘tweea’.”

He called his popularity-triggering public gaffe an “achievement” and predicts “tweaa will even be more popular in 2016 when we are holding elections”.

He made that word popular when he lost his cool, ranting, raving and storming out of a public function after he was slightly heckled by a unknown health worker.

The word has since been trending especially on social media and on international news channels. Parliament has banned the use of the word in the house but it did not stop the president from using the slang in the State of the Nation address last week.

Government condemned him but fell short of inflicting punishment. But not this time around.

The interview has put in him trouble. Local Government Minister Akwasi Oppong-Fosu has issued a statement expressing disappointment about his latest comment.

The Ministry of Local Government said it takes a serious view of his comments. It stated that the ministry believed the DCE had originally shown remorse for his public outburst that attracted condemnation but his comments proves otherwise.

The Ministry is reviewing its earlier decision to ensure that Hon. Barima is appropriately sanctioned according to the high standards of public office.

Credit: Myjoyonline


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