Digital paintings on canvas exhibition by Ian Quhachi.

It is a solo show curated by Magdalene Williams where the artist Ian Quhachi uses different styles of
digital paintings using various traditional techniques to express a wide range of unconnected ideas.

The digital/contemporary artist decides to showcase his works using the new art form (digital art) to
speak to the art community.

The art pieces differ from each other from style to theme because he decides to pick random ideas
from different topics and cultures with his own renditions. Different practices of the digital art world
are expressed in this exhibition.

While there are many good digital artists in Ghana, the myths surrounding this form of art may not
help in the presentation process of the artworks; therefore the value of the pieces goes

Ian Quhachi has used experimental methods of achieving digital art pieces by mimicking works the
mainstream digital artists. From simple illustrations, portraiture, caricature, landscape, still-life to
concept art in the digital art world, he has produced various works.

This solo exhibition BROKEN
THOUGHTS is just ideas and artworks which are not related in anyway; hence it does not follow a
particular trend.

Twenty (20) of his recent works will be showcased (for exhibition and sales) on canvas-on-board and
about hundred (100) older works in paper-print or photo-print. Although the exhibition does not
intend showing consistency, the artist’s popular Caricature Madness and Afroness collection will be
separated as independent collection.

Digital Art is a current art form on the Art Period timeline; eventually more artists will be practising it
than those of now since the digital age is here to stay. As one of the pioneers of digital art in the
country, Ian is paving a way for other young artists who might want to take advantage of computer

The question: ‘IS IT EVEN AN ART?’ and other controversial questions about digital arts will be
answered during the exhibition.

Venue: Frebe Mall, Takoradi. (Sekondi-Adiembra road, adjacent Effia Nkwanta Hospital)
For more information:
Magdalene Williams
+233 249455845
Exhibition date opening: Thursday 6th
March- 5PM- 7PM
Gallery opening hours: Friday 7th
March-Saturday 8th March 11AM-6PM

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