In the spirit of Ghana’s independence month, Live on the Terrace presents Panji Anoff, an iconic personality and staunch advocate of Ghanaian popular music.

Panji Anoff is a renowned music and entertainment personality and one of the pioneering forces behind the hiplife genre. On Tuesday 4th March, Panji will take the audience through an audio narrative of Ghanaian popular music, making assessments of its current trajectory and the role of the modern Ghanaian artiste in preserving its rich roots.

Panji’s background is dynamic and multilayered. For starters he studied Mechanical Engineering at University College London. Since then he has worked in several capacities; as a journalist with media houses such as Concord Press and the BBC, a script writer and editor for a sitcom series in the UK (Desmonds and Porkpie), a songwriter, producer, sound engineer and film director.

In addition to his creative endeavours, Panji has operated clubs in Los Angeles and Miami.

His current incarnation as Founder and CEO of Pidgen Music has led the sustenance of one of the most successful music and artist management companies known in Ghana. Pidgen Music is recognized worldwide as a creative hub built around an incredible collective of indigenous artists, producers and thinkers including King Ayisoba, Wanlov the Kubolor, M3nsa, Yaa PONO, King Luu, Mutombo the Poet and others. The unit is collectively responsible for several feats, notably the world’s first pidgin musical “COZ OV MONI”.

Presented by ChorkorHeights, Live on the Terrace is a weekly live cultural & entertainment series held on Tuesdays between 7 & 9pmat Villa Monticello’s Terrace Bar & Café. Indulge in drinks specials available at the bar and delicious meals from the exquisite 1A menu.

For table reservations, contact 0244 662 692.

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