Ghana is the land of captivating history and immense cultural diversity. How well do you know Ghana?

Throughout the month of March, 97.3 Citi FM is putting the focus on Ghana in a series captivating programmes dubbed the Heritage Month.

Listeners of Citi FM will be served quality well prepared Ghana-specific content in a bid to educate the populace about Ghana’s unique cultural heritage.

Some of the thematic areas that will be highlighted as part of the Heritage Month on Citi FM include Ghanaian Music, People, Migration & Settlements, Food, Ghanaian Languages, Traditional ceremonies and more.

March 3 to 31
March 3 to 31

The main Heritage Month discussions shall be on the Citi Breakfast Show every weekday at 9am. However, other shows would broadcast content related to the weekly thematic areas to give listeners a total experience from Monday 3rd March

There will be daily interesting tips about Ghana and the unique places, activities, people and more aired on 97.3 Citi FM. Listeners and contributors stand the chance of winning awesome prices by participating in the discussions and answering questions.

The Heritage Month begins with the music week from Monday 3rd March to Friday 7th March. Subject to be discussed include Origins of Contemporary Music, How to promote tourism in Ghana using music as the driving force, the contribution of the music industry to the economy of Ghana etc.

Citi FM has also partnered the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) for the Ghana Music Honors, an event that seeks to reward outstanding contributors in the Ghana Music Industry. It comes off on Wednesday 5th March at the National Theatre.

This Heritage Month, tune in to the Citi Breakfast Show, learn about Ghana and share in Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

The Heritage Month is proudly sponsored by SIC Insurance – SIC, our promises are sacred and powered by 97.3 Citi FM.


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