“Some of my friends at the time asked, “Kwansema, what do you see in this student boyfriend of yours that you chose him over others who appear to have already made it”? And I would say, “Besides the fact that I’m in love with him, Komla is deep. He has something the others don’t have. I believe Komla has the potential to do great things.” And wow, did he deliver, even beyond my wildest dreams! …. – Kwansema, wife of departed BBC Broadcaster Komla Dumor.

“Just a few months ago I said to him, “Dear, do you know what is even better than lying in the arms of a man you love who is your husband?” He asked, “What?” I replied, “When that man is Komla Dumor.” Oh, I knew what I had! I knew I had a husband who had chalked such immense success that people the world over admired him. I also knew that I was in a position many women coveted. It was a privilege to be a part of his life. The children and I were so proud of his many accomplishments and we basked in the global recognition he received. – Kwansema

“There are some people who criticize you without knowing what they are about or have no knowledge about you and still want to go ahead and criticize. Knowing where I went wrong makes me improve on my acting skills. So when it comes to criticism I love it and that helps me push for the best. It makes me understand when I am making a right move in acting.” – Roselyn Ngissah on why she can’t be bothered about criticisms. 

“Our main problem now is that the industry is not defined and the lines that determine the stakeholders are blurred. There are a lot of people who pretend to belong to the industry just because of their own selfish interests and they know if they don’t create a false perception about the industry, they can’t survive in it.” – Tic Tac, outlining some of the problems facing the Ghana music industry.

“Ok so let me bring it back home, make any random collection of a 100 current tracks on radio today and tell me what they are about. Nothing!! Everyone’s talking about the same f*#king nothing!! If it’s not disrespecting or objectifying our sisters in the most uncreative way. Yes, disrespecting! If it’s not then it’s about “love” the kind that we’ve heard about over and over and over and over and over again.” – Mensa of FOKN Bois tweeted on Ghana’s music industry.

Compiled by: Abdullai Isshak/enewsgh.com

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