Mensa, the other half of FOKN Bois, took to Twitter this morning to speak to some issues about the Ghanaian musician he says he’s been ‘thinking’ of for some time now.

Over a wide range of very important subjects, he dished out what he thought was wrong with the system, applauding the ingenuity exhibited by a few.

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“I’ve been thinking, like, what is the real purpose of an artist these days especially as a musician in Ghana?”

“Are we just here to fill in the gap? Look for a catchy weightless idea, jump on some bandwagon or new dance craze for 6 months of fame?”

“When you actually think about it, artists (musicians) have more power than politicians, pastors, teachers and world leaders all combined.”

“Musicians have more power to inspire, influence, control minds, educate, lead and mislead, teach and reach more people than anyone else.”

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“Now me personally, I learned more about politics, social issues, love, injustice, war, science and humanity through music than I did in school.”

“Ok so let me bring it back home, make any random collection of a 100 current tracks on radio today and tell me what they are about.”

“Nothing!! Everyone’s talking about the same f*#king nothing!! If it’s not disrespecting or objectifying our sisters in the most uncreative way.”

[quote_center]“Yes, disrespecting! If it’s not then it’s about “love” the kind that we’ve heard about over and over and over and over and over again.”[/quote_center]

“We are in such interesting times in Africa/ Ghana; we have the opportunity to share what we really are about as a people to the WHOLE world.”

[quote_center]“Shout out 2 @GasmillaGH 4 “International Fisherman”, @r2bees ** for “walahi” @sarkodie for inspiring hard work. And all u who dare 2 b different.”[/quote_center]

“We’re in an environment where our leaders have hardly any respect for the youth; politicians don’t think they’re here to serve us.”

“When you are a musician, remember you’re writing history, inspiring the youth, propagating ideas. So make it count.”

By: Maame Yaa Tutu/

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