Big and beautiful actress, Roselyn Ngissah, may be only one of the very few celebrities in showbiz who welcome criticism – constructive criticism – that is.

While others would fly into tantrums or suffer emotional breakdown when they hear comments bashing them, or go to lengths to try and clear the air, Roselyn would take a cue from such criticism or turn a blind eye when she thinks it is not worth it.

According to Roselyn, she has had to face a lot of  criticism about her weight gain, which, she said, continues to be a great challenge to her.

She doesn't mind if it's constructive
She doesn’t mind if it’s constructive

“I don’t mind being criticised,” she told Showbiz over the phone last Monday. “But there are some good and constructive criticisms that I might consider as that may be of some help to me.

“There are some people who would watch my movie, analyse it critically before criticising it but others would just start criticising me without any basis.

“The fact that a person has taken pains to watch my movies,  before criticising me shows that the person is being constructive and I confess, it makes me very happy”, she said.


Roselyn who took an award in 2010 for Best Leading Actress is known for movies such as  Reckless, Broadway, I Stand Accused, Princess Tyra, Power of the Gods, Somewhere in Africa, Adams Apple, A Sting in a Tale and 4Play .

“There are some people who criticise you without knowing what they are about or have no knowledge about you and still want to go ahead and criticise. Knowing where I went wrong makes me improve on my acting skills.

“So when it comes to criticism I love it and that helps me push for the best. It makes me understand when I am making a right move in acting.”

Away from acting Roselyn, said she loves to cook and also she loves to dance. at her leisure times. Advice  to young ladies who wish to be actresses?. Roselyn said they should know if they are really cut for that career.

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