“As for the drunk who refuses to heed the barman’s caution about another one for the road, he still has a homeward journey and the whole of tomorrow to contend with. Skin, like hips, doesn’t lie. Ask the blessed Michael Jackson. Time will tell.” – KKD’s reaction to Yvonne Nelson’s suprise at his suggestion she was bleaching

“Eeeiiii black stars players? They have all been used, misused and abused so there is no way I can date any of them so I will rather go in for the sports minister who has already promised me a trip to brazil to watch the world cup when I was the mc for the 1963 black star squad meeting. I want him to know that if he doesn’t fulfill his promise, I will let the gods deal with him.” – Afia Schwarzeneger

“Let me just say you should always persevere or push to achieve your goals even if people think it won’t or can’t be possible and try to talk you out of it. My parents did not believe it will be this great especially because of the stories they had heard about the music industry. It was hard but I pushed through and they are now very proud of me.” – MzVee, formerly of D3 speaks on struggles she had to fight to get this far

“My dad is not a tie person. One day a friend called me asking why my dad was wearing a fat tie on TV, and I wasn’t watching the match but my friend sent me a picture of him and I wasn’t happy too. I called him after the match and told him that fat tie was not cool and he shouldn’t wear it again. I told him to start wearing the slim ties because they were very fashionable. He is not a tie person.” – Audrey Appiah, daughter of Black Stars Coach Kwesi Appiah speaking on his fashion choices.

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