Not the kind of grammar you would recommend for a Kindergarten kid. But if you’ve been following this whole ‘Banku’ thing you may know why his, is somewhat different.‘s Abdullai Isshak has compiled some of his most popular quotes from the Bukom Dictionary.

“Abundance of water the foolish man must be taste.”

“A river cannot flow into the forest without bringing down the trees.”

“The roads you pass some people have pass already.”

“Anything you want if you get, there is no beggars on the road.”

“Ghana here we don’t have managers, they will watch you one year, two years, if you call the manager switch off, I want to go America, that’s where all the fighters are.”

“Woman without no man is like a river without source.”

“Empty calabash cannot sink in the river.”

“When a vulture shake their waist, it is cover their sons.”

“When a witch fly at night, something happens to the mango tree, you can ask the clouds.”

“Bukom is my favorite food, I can’t leave Bukom. Even if I buy house in Legon I can’t leave Bukom, Bukom is my temperature.”

“When the bush are destroyers, any animals cannot open mouth to talk.”

“A dead lion is more than a dog is not dead.”

“A monkey learn about the mango tree, they cannot fall down.”

“A Tsetse fly cannot listen to their teaching, is walking to the death man to go cemetery.”

“A man can never be careful unless he buys a white shirt and a new car.”

“I am not anybody in this country, I’m the big popular, I’m the musician, I’m the comedian.”

“A talking plenty cannot let dead man hear you.”

“He is not a eye doctor, why are you telling somebody that if he fight again he will blind, I know what is going on, I Bukom Banku I know in my head back.”

“Karl Lokko, he is my former trainer, he is not my trainer, I sack him, I’m big more than him.”

“Yaw Ampofo you don’t know me, I have prepared my two legs and my heart, the ring go decide , I Bukom Banku, I will stop my opponent, Boxing is my favorite.”

“When I eat Banku I get more power, when I don’t eat Banku I can’t train. I don’t like drink.”

“The lady, I love him, not as a sister, I love him, he is my wife, he will play number four for me. I have a goal keeper and two defenders, so he go play four.”

“The only foolish dog, run after the flying bird.”

KSM: Today you are cool oh, why?

Bukom: “I don’t have cool, I want to charge myself.”

KSM: But when you came, you were sitting down quietly

Bukom: “Yes I make weight that’s why I make cool. I’m not a quiet person, I’m joking.”

KSM: Where did you learn all this English?

Bukom: “Is my own mentality. I have the Bukom Dictionary. Anytime I wake up in the morning I teach my own self.”

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