Actor Prince David Osei has said that he did not know why male  celebrities have had to endure negative public perception about them as people who engage in promiscuous lifestyles.

According to the actor, many other male actors like him continue to be nice to their female fans because of the nature of their job.

Speaking to Showbiz last weekend, Prince David said he has, on many occasions, personally received photographs and love phone messages from female fans but he did not give them much attention because he was  focused on his career.

“I don’t know what it is about male celebrities that attract women but sometimes it’s a bit too much. People send me messages on Instagram and various social media but when it goes too far, I just block them,” the father of one said.

“When I came into the movie industry, I realised how women caused the downfall of men in the entertainment fraternity so I’ve been very careful about my relations with them,” he added.

Prince David says he has been labeled a “too known guy” by many of his lady fans because of his attitude and cautioned his fellow actors to beware of some of their female fans who may not have good intentions towards them.

“If you’re an actor and you feel that ladies are part of the package that comes along with fame, you’re heading towards your doom. It’s not every girl that comes your way that you must date”, Prince David said.

Celebrities and actors for that matter have been grappling with the public perception that they lead very promiscuous lives but Prince David said even though he’s not promiscuous himself, he’s gotten tired of defending himself against such accusations.

“When people tell me I’m a womaniser, I always try to defend myself and all that but I’ve realised it’s the nature of the industry and I’m just a victim of public perception so I don’t try to correct it anymore.”

“Because I play romantic roles and perform sex scenes in some of the movies, people think that is the sort of person I am. The ladies all want that from me but that is not who I am,” said the actor.

The actor, whose career has blossomed since he started acting almost a decade ago, says he’s grateful to God for giving him such talent and also expressed excitement for winning nine laurels including international awards since he started acting.

Prince David’s is only one of a few Ghanaian actors who have been involved in Hollywood productions. He plays the leading role in an upcoming U.K film titled“Nana Means King”.

He cautioned his fans against imposters who use his name and likeness on social media to dupe people and warned them to be careful of such people.

Apart from acting, Prince David Osei is passionate about fashion and social causes. He’s got a clothing line, PDO Clothing, and has created a foundation to take care of brilliant but needy children and people with disability.

“My NGO is called PDO Foundation and it’s something I’m very passionate about. There are a lot of poor and needy people in our society and it’s just a way for me to give back to society because it’s given me so much,” he added.

Prince David Osei was raised in Kokomlemle, a surburb of Accra, had his basic and junior high school education at De’Youngster’s International School and continued to Accra High School for his secondary education.

He furthered his education at the University of Ghana where he studied English, Sociology and Theatre Arts.

He’s featured in movies such as In the Eyes of My Husband, Passion and Soul, Supremo, Agony of Christ, Sin of A Soul, Behind the Heart, Shakira, The Heart of Men, Dons of Sakawa and The Dead.

Prince David says he’s planning on getting married to the love of his life later this year.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz


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