Call it a bluff or brag but hiplife artiste Tinny says no artiste in Ghana can match up to him so far as rap goes.

According to him, he has been silent for some time and has been waiting to see a rapper emerge who would overtake him but as yet no one has been able to do that.

“Ever since I released Anaconda three years ago, I have been silent and wondering if there was a better rapper than I, but I have come to realise there is ‘no size’. “I am still the best rapper”, Tinny told Showbiz in an interview last Monday.

To prove that he is the best, Tinny is asking for rappers who think they are better than him to come forward and do battle with him to determine who is the best.

Asked what makes him think that way, Tinny, who describes his fellow rappers as nonentities on his latest single, Koom, said surprisingly a lot of rappers now sound like him. But he insists that he is the original and is always on top of the game.

“I am not bragging because the evidence is there for all to see. If you listen to the rap I did on songs like I Believe I  Can Fly, Ringtone, Maamle, Anaconda  and Kaabu Ame, you would recognise that I am the best in the game.

According to him, he did his latest track to prove to his fans that he was the best among the lot and was not lost in the game as people thought.

Tinny said the ideas for his latest single came to him after he read an online article with the headline, ‘Where is Tinny’.

Having read the article, Tinny said he felt the timing was now right to release Koom  when the realisation hit him that he had no match.

“I know my colleagues will take me on but I fear not because I am telling the truth and they know it. I have never disappointed any artiste who has featured ame on their songs but most of them disappointed me when I featured them.” Tinny said.

He stated that although he has been away for some time, he was planning to have a concert under his Bard Man Records label in a couple of months time.

Away from his music career, Tinny confirmed that he was a father of four children and not seven as it was being rumoured in the media.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz


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