Every week, enewsgh.com‘s Abdullai Isshak puts together some of the most interesting quotes from your favourite showbiz personalities.

We call it #ENewsGhWEEKINQUOTES.

“If I hold on to the pain, I don’t know what will happen. I am learning to accept everything that has happened and it might take a while and I hope I will get all the time I need to process and accept everything that has happened. – Bright of Buk Bak on the passing of his group mate Ronnie Coches

“I didn’t say I was not going to get married till I win a Grammy. I know that’s how it seems like when I said it in the paper but this is what I said ‘I said I’m not ready to get married yet and then in between the time if I win a Grammy, I would be grateful,”  – Efya on marrying after she wins a Grammy

“You are not under any pressure to satisfy your partner and also satisfy your fans with good music. Now I have all the time in the world to concentrate on my music career which is my first love.” – Eazzy on why it’s great to be single

“I want to tell Bukom Banku that “Ability without mentality is barbarism” – Ayitey Powers tells press after signing to fight Bukom Banku 

“We at the Musicians Union of Ghana believe strongly as a union it’s not a name that carries an event but really the activities that happen. So much as the union is not interested in any form of litigation or what so ever. The national executive committee decided for the name GMW Festival – A Week Long Celebration of Ghana Music; for this year’s music celebration,” – Obuor

“I had to take a break last year to pave way for the younger ones in my camp who were feverishly preparing to hit the music stage. Guess my critics do not know about this. It shouldn’t always be about D. Cryme but others who also have the talent to contribute to the industry. That was what I did last year, grooming new faces and so it is never true that I am out of the market and cannot stand the competition. – D Cryme told Graphic Showbiz

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