Young talent, Mzvee, and former member of girl group D3, talks to‘s Maame Yaa Tutu about her music career and how it all started, her decision to go solo, and combining school with music.

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Why Mzvee?

I chose Mzvee because; it is the short form of my name Vera. My full name is Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda

Q. How did D3 come about?

D3 started after secondary school, Esbee (Nadia Buari’s younger sister) the rapper of the group suggested we do music after school. So right after school, we went to see Richie, who introduced us to Angela the third band member of the group so we kicked it from there.

Q. Why did you decide to go solo?

Circumstances led the group members to undertake solo careers. School and travelling to be precise was the major factors.

Q. Are you in school? If yes, where and how do you combine both school and music?

I am schooling at Ghana Telecom University. The combination was difficult at first but now I have been able to schedule time for both school and music and I’m enjoying it.

MzVee_LynxTV (3)
“Efya really inspires me because she is very hard working”


Q. In a recent interview you granted Lynx TV, you spoke of how some of the challenges you’ve been through in life have inspired you. Kindly share some with us.

Let me just say you should always persevere or push to achieve your goals even if people think it won’t or can’t be possible and try to talk you out of it. My parents did not believe it will be this great especially because of the stories they had heard about the music industry. It was hard but I pushed through and they are now very proud of me.

Q. Who do you look up to in the music industry here in Ghana and why?

Efya really inspires me because she is very hard working and is passionate about her music. She also has certain flair when it comes to singing especially during her performances on stage.

Q. You released ‘Harmattan’ as your first single after going solo. How did it feel?

It was awkward at first because I was used to working with my band mates. It took me some time to adjust. I really didn’t enjoy the transition but I have adjusted pretty well.

MzVee_LynxTV (5)
“I really didn’t enjoy the transition but I have adjusted pretty well”

Q. What were the challenges you were facing as a member of a group compared to now that you are a solo artiste?

The group involved three people, which meant longer periods in getting even the simplest of things done. But it is just me now and that means it takes shorter periods to get work done.

Q. You collaborated with Zeal of V.I.P for the song ‘Borkor Borkor’. How was it like working with him?

It was an honor getting Zeal on the record. Getting established names to support your growing career doesn’t happen that often. My management had to pull a lot of strings to get him to the studio. I finally got to work with him and it was such a fun experience.

MzVee_LynxTV (2)
“Music is my first love and I am not competing with anyone”

Q. Lynx Entertainment had big names like Eazzy and Asem. It’s obvious you are now the face of the label; it’s not going to be easy fitting into those shoes?

Music is my first love and I am not competing with anyone. I want to enjoy singing and entertain people so I am just going to push as far as I can.

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