Hiplife artiste, D. Cryme says that what he wishes to erase from the public about his image is the perception held among many that he is a skirt chaser.

“If there is anything I would want the public to spare me of, it is the perception that many people hold that D. Cryme is a womanizer. Sometimes, I wonder what evidence such accusers have to label me as such.

“I am never a womanizer and I don’t know what criteria such people use to measure me. It gets really interesting but the truth is that, I appreciate ladies a lot because they are God’s most expensive creation and they need to be adored so I only play my role by giving them all that love and attention” he told Showbiz last Monday.

The Kill Me Shy hitmaker said it is that lovely attitude he exhibits towards ladies that those who know him have wrongly misconstrued to be the antics of womanizing.

“Let me tell you, female fans are always the majority of the fans who will support you. They will give you all the encouragement when the going gets tougher and occasionally offer pieces of advice so it is only fair that you reciprocate these kind gestures. And this is where many people get it wrong.

“When they read messages from your facebook page, instagram and other social sites, they just interpret such harmless messages like ‘ I love you’ according to their mischievous understanding. But the question is, how many ladies can I propose to on these sites without the others getting to know?” he asked.

He however noted that, occasionally, he had female fans “who wanted to go overboard with the professional relationship” but always had his way of handling such ladies.

“In our part of the world, it is difficult for women to propose to men so when they muster the courage to do that, you must find a nice way of handling it so that you don’t hurt their feminine pride. Besides, these same ladies are the bulk of your fans so you act very well so not to hurt them and that is the dilemma male artistes like myself who are in the limelight find ourselves” he said.

D. Cryme, real name, Darlington Kwasi Agyekum denied a suggestion that he was no longer a force to reckon with on the music scene due to his inability to release hit songs in recent times.

“I had to take a break last year to pave way for the younger ones in my camp who were feverishly preparing to hit the music stage. Guess my critics do not know about this. It shouldn’t always be about D. Cryme but others who also have the talent to contribute to the industry. That was what I did last year, grooming new faces and so it is never true that I am out of the market and cannot stand the competition.

He said that to make his presence felt more this year, he has lined up both local and international concerts to pacify his fans for his long absence and would kickstart with a Valentine concert at Juaso this weekend and follow it up with shows during the Easter festivities.

“I want my fans to know that D.Cryme is back this year for good and ready to give them juicy stuff. My second album, The Arrival, which will be released in June this year will confirm my new status in the game” he said.

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