“Being raised by Ghanaian parents, I guess I have always had a connection to Ghana even from a young age. I have always wanted to visit Ghana and see where my parents grew up and connect with some of the childhood memories my mum shared with us growing up. Problem was I never had the chance due to work and other commitments in the UK.

“I decided a few years back to set myself a target of things I wanted to achieve in my work place as a Teacher. The idea was, once a goal is achieved, I cross them off the list and continue doing so until I had a sheet of achieved targets.

“The last target on my list was achieving senior management status in the very competitive education sector.  Once I crossed this off, I felt it was time for a new challenge and new opportunities. I was finally ready for Ghana.”

– Peace Hyde on relocating to Ghana.peace 51622707_494014254040455_330914850_n




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