Showstopper, singer, Mzbel, has announced her comeback after a two-year break from the music stage to have her first baby. But Mzbel’s fans who fell in love with her because of her risqué music and giddy performances may have to reconsider their preferences.
“Yes, I am ready to get back to business next month and I can’t start doing what I have always loved to do, which is to entertain people, but I won’t be back as the old Mzbel people know me. “ I have rebranded myself to demonstrate my maturity over the years and that will be evident in my music as well as my appearances. I will however remain sexy but in a matured way,”she told Showbiz last Tuesday.

The Awaso Me hitmaker who had to take a break from her career to make time for herbaby she had in March last year, said it is very important to rebrand herself after the long hiatus because she is now a mother and needed to serve as a role model to her children, both biological and the adopted ones, would be proud of.


“I can’t imagine being on stage and behaving like a teenager. Times have changed for me and the days that I really didn’t bother much about what I did and the subsequent criticisms are over.

“That is not to say that I won’t be entertaining on stage again. Far from that because I sill still rock the stage and will do my do my best to entertain my audiences. The only difference will be the Mzbel that will be on the stage will not perform songs with risqué lyrics and wear clothes that will reveal much of her body.

“Those days arc gone and they are not with me anymore,” she said.

She said that her change had nothing to do with church which she has come to love. She disputed claims that she is likely to follow in the paths of lord Kenya and Ofori Amponsah as a gospel artiste.

“Yes, I have heard a lot of speculation that Mzbel will do gospel music and I ask myself ‘what is gospel music?’. I don’t even know what gospel music is. Is it calling the name of Jesus in your songs that makes your songs gospel? If that is it, then I don’t intend to do that but my songs will be inspiring as they will BE entertaining enough for people to ‘jam with” she said.

Mzbel said although she is aware that the local music scene is full with great talent, a situation that has created stiff competition, she was hopeful she will still garner the support of her fans on her return.

“For me, I’m not competing with anyone because we can’t all listen to Bccca, Efya, Tiffany or Mzbel at the same time. Definitely, there would be a need for a change and so I believe I still have my place out there.

“For now, I am bidding time until Aaron, my son, turns one year old next month and then I will get back to the studios and be in full swing. By April or May this year, my two new singles should be out and that will be from the new Mzbel,” she said. Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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