When Raquel came back to Ghana in 2006 after living in the UK for many years, her immediate reason was to move away from her past love life and from an environment that brought back only memories of pain.

“It was really devastating. I couldn’t eat, sleep and just wanted to be alone but that was a learning period for me. That experience taught me to be bold and brace myself for the worst in life”.

Seven years down the line, Raquel who took to singing on her return  to Ghana, looks back and says that she has no regrets for abandoning the many great opportunities out there in London to start life afresh back home.


“I came back to Ghana to pull myself together after a heartbreak that I went through which nearly landed me in a psychiatric hospital. Coming home  was the best decision that I took”, she told Showbiz last Monday.

”I was very young then so it really got into me but God had His own plans for me. Perhaps, it was a blessing in disguise for me because I found my groove and found a new way of loving and being loved through music”.

The Sweetio singer said that she had always found satisfaction when she sings love songs because it gives her a feeling of belongingness which she had always wished for.


“When you listen to my songs, it always talks about love and how a sweet feeling it could be when you get the right person. My sweet-turned- sour relationship back in London has always been the shadow that haunts me so I take solace in writing love songs. Anytime I sit down to compose a song, the only theme that comes to mind is love and it is not surprising that all my songs are love related” she said.

“Today, I have found people who have shown me great love and words cannot explain the joy that I feel when I mount the stage and see people respond cheerfully to my love songs. It only tells me that people still believe in love so I shouldn’t give up on it either.


She told Showbiz that it is with the commitment to be a crusader of love and to champion it that she put together the annual Raquel’s Cupid Party on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the special occasion with her cherished fans.

“Valentine is a special season of love where we express our love to those who matter most to us and so it must be celebrated in a special way. I will tell my bitter love stories to my fans and hope my experience will inspire somebody there. The night will just be about love and for the singles and searching, they can be at+233 and may found their loved ones” Raquel said.

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